Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to my first Blog!

Since this is my first step in the world of blogging, I feel obliged to explain a little bit why I started my own blog.

As an IT professional, I was aware of the blogging phenomena since its beginnings. Of course, I was considering joining the movement and starting my own blog several times in the last few years. But, starting a blog is easy, but keeping it interesting, relevant and updated is not that easy and it takes some time. So, only when I was pretty certain that I will commit time and energy to write an interesting blog and to update it, at average, once a week, I opened my personal blog at blogger.

Saying this, I would like to emphasize that my blog will be mainly business-oriented, with a few posts, from time to time, from my personal life. As I'm finishing my MBA at IEDC on Bled, and having more than 5 years of experience in the IT (information technology) field, I feel competent to write about one topic that is becoming very popular recently: aligning IT with business. This means that I would address mainly two types of readers: business people who would like to find how to use IT more effectively and IT people who would like to learn how to thrive in the business world. I will not be narrowly focused, I will include several topics of broad interest, but I will also not go too wide, keeping my posts short and focused mainly to business audience with interest, or background, in IT.

With your help, I hope I will keep this blog out of becoming just another short blimp in the blogosphere and instead make it a valuable addition to already large "library" of established blogs.

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